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ERP integration

ERP integration

The term ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) refers to a business resource planning system, that is, they are software that is used to manage the internal operations of your online store. These systems link and automate business processes and the flow of data between them.


How the integrator works

We will create middleware, which is software that sits between an operating system and the applications that run on it. Basically, it works as a hidden translation layer to enable communication and data management in distributed applications.

It will have an update frequency according to your needs, to maintain costs, inventories, orders, customers, etc. from your system to Shopify in time.

Some ERPs with which our connector connects:

  • SAPB1
  • Aspel SAE
  • UPS
  • Microsip
  • Odoo

Advantages of our integrator

  • Integration with many platforms (list above)
  • Data synchronization at high speeds
  • The integrator is completely yours! It will live on your local server or in the cloud
  • 1 year warranty

Frequent questions

  1. How long does it take to integrate my ERP?
    1. It all depends on the number of products, tables to consult and the ease of obtaining the information we require, although it normally takes us 20 to 40 business days.
  2. What I need?
    1. That your system has an API, as well as the necessary keys to connect, your own dedicated space in the cloud or local to your system, and ideally the technical team to consult the required information
  3. Can other ERP systems integrate with Shopify?
    1. Clear! As long as they have API access, we can do it
  4. What is the cost of the integrator?
    1. It all depends on your system, complexity/time it will take us to connect, but prices start at 2500 USD
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